Adrian Younge

Adrian Younge: I began working with A.J ( Adrian Younge) around 2010 .One of the most driven, hard working and disciplined people I have ever met.. A great composer who plays every instrument on a lot of his recordings and a devout purist when it comes to old school recording. No computers, and no edits, just straight to 2 inch tape with only 2-3 vintage mics on the drums. I’ve never worked with anyone who has given me more artistic freedom as a drummer. Our shows begin with a drum solo and then I get to really go crazy! I’ve been all over the world with our band (Venice Dawn)and they are like family to me.. The band is comprised of: Adrian Younge (keys, horns and bass) Loren Oden (vocals and keys) C.E Garcia (bass and keys) Alfredo Fratti (guitar and flute) Jack Waterson(guitar) and myself. The band occasionally includes the fantastic female vocalists: Saudia Mills and Brooke de Rosa. Here is a video of our live show filmed in Los Angeles.