Goon Moon

Goon Moon: The brainchild of Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson) and Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality). Marilyn Manson and QOTSA are 2 of my favorite bands and being involved in a collaboration between these two was incredible. We recorded 2 albums: I’ve Got A Brand New Egg Laing Machine (2005) and Licker’s Last Leg (2007). These albums also feature Josh Homme and Dave Catching(QOTSA and Eagles of Death Metal), Pete Perdichizzi(The Flys) and fellow drummers Zach Hill, and Josh Freese. The live band included Fred Sablan( Marilyn Manson) on bass and Edmond Monsef on keys. Here are some of my favorite tracks and live videos.